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June 23, 2013
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Price of Ascension. Picture I. by Crux9011 Price of Ascension. Picture I. by Crux9011
My name is Coldheart, I was once a pegasi known as the tutor of the Outcome and the Crystal Maiden. Although, my enemies called me the Ice Witch, mostly for my fascination with the element of water and favor for ice. I was born in a family of free ponies under the military protection of the Baron of Cloudsdale of the Equestrian Diarchy. Since my childhood, I showed the desire to control the weather, but I couldn’t implement this desire, as I was blind from birth. I am sure you know well, that blind pegasi can't survive without continuous guardianship of herd. However, we didn't reside in one. Upon the attainment of majority, my mother had to marry me off or provide me to myself. Nopony would take me as a wife, and if I was left alone, I would be lost.

Fortunately, my talent for a weather manipulation has suddenly shown itself and got recognized by the royal house. My potential was so great that I was taken away from my mother and put under the guardianship of royal family, and I became the personal student of the princess of the Moon, Equestrian Diarchy and the Empress of night. Under her tutorship, my talent bloomed. The first achievement of my childhood became one of the greatest discoveries in the field of weather art. But I didn't stop there. I kept developing, and over time, I discovered connection to even deeper wizardry, than the simple weather manipulation: the elements of nature, magic. I became the first pegasi to learn to use our internal magic to affect the forces of nature. This discovery has led to a boom in equestrian society.

The nobility of unicorns were furious. They claimed that it was impossible for magic to be used by non-unicorns. Moreover, they sought to forbid the use of magic by the other races. In their opinion, the unicorns were the only ones who could and should be able to use magic. Under the pressure of the nobility, I was forced to leave the royal court. This was troubling. Despite the opportunities opened to me, I remained a blind filly. At that moment, I was alone and would have inevitably died, if not for a sudden twist of fate. The lord of the Northern Equestrian lands, lying beyond the lands of dragons, named Cadere, sent for me. He offered me a position of court magician. Cadere was a unicorn who was not neglecting of the other races, and that made his lands attractive for ponies and pegasi from all of Equestria. I grabbed this opportunity as a last straw, and was eagerly accepted. In exchange for a place of the court magician, I undertook the task to train the magic of elements to his court. Thus, I received a cohort of pupils and opportunity for practice that led to creation of crystal council. It was the dream come true. Years passed. My abilities continued to develop, my knowledge prevailed in the northern territories, and my name was well known all around the country. Naturally, it did not go on forever.

Distribution of magic between all races, and enrichment of the North was unprofitable for a ruling bloodline of unicorns in the south. They launched trade and political campaign against the North that turned into economical blockade and escalated into a military conflict. As a result, Cadere, his crystal council, and part of the population of the North who disagreed on vassal situation, were compelled to migrate even further north. To the cold tundra, to a certain death. The Outcome began.

My skills proved useful there. By then, I developed the skills to manipulate the forces of nature so that I could compete with the archimage of Canterlot. It appeared, efforts of a crystal council were enough to provide to outcomers a safe way. On the second month of our journey, we arrived to a valley which was subsequently called Crystal Valley. We were faced with a problem of providing vital space which was solved by one of my pupils, who developed a dome spell. This defensive spell creates a huge dome over the extensive territory, changing climate, making it suitable for settling down. The spell was casted, and a duty to support it laid down on my shoulders. But it couldn’t stay that way for a long time. A reliable power source was necessary to maintain the spell. Soon we found out that some vital essence of a strong magician, placed in a magic vessel with a dome spell attached, could become such source. I was asked to choose a victim for the spell. I had my doubts, I was unable to make such a decision. The choice meant the division of soul and a body of the victim, until crystal council tries to find the other solution. In the end, I agreed myself. My destiny for the next decades was decided. I accepted this gladly.

I concluded the agreement with Cadere and council. I sacrifice myself, and they swear to find other solution sooner; energy created by a vessel has to be used only for dome recharge because extraction of energy of a vessel for other purposes will entail torments for the sacrificed soul. Ritual of creation and recharge of a vessel took place successfully. My body was put into an integral crystal, which was buried in a tomb, and essence (soul) was placed in a vessel, which became the huge jewel facetted in the form of heart that was called "Crystal Heart". And so years of my voluntary conclusion began. To my astonishment it wasn't so awful. I did not simply load the dome. I was this dome, I felt each pony that was under my guardianship, I was remembered, my sacrifice was honored. That was before descendants of Cadere violated our agreement. These degenerates started using me for strengthening of their own magic abilities. Because of this I lost touch with my ponies, the real tortures began.

I don't know how much time passed, but it seemed that it was the eternity. Dream. The eternal rest was my share within the incalculable years spent in a dungeon of a cold stone. Darkness, cold, emptiness - my jailers. I waited for a chance to be released from calm chains of the dream which has captured my soul. Long years I suffered while others lived and rejoiced, my pain and misfortune were a payment for prosperity of others. My sacrifice wasn't vain, but I remained absolutely alone, knowing that nopony remembers me and that nopony grieves for me. And so, passed many years. Now, I am free at last, from the infinite imprisonment. My crystal cage has scattered, doors of my prison have fallen. Why did it happen? I don't know. I am free, and this main thing, but my soul continues to pine in the Crystal Heart.

Now..Now I shall go to the crystal tower. I will have my revenge on the descendants of that traitor and I will once again become whole.


By this work I begin a number of the pictures united by the general plot. I am obliged by this work for League of Legends and to it artists for the received inspiration and art material. As thanks to two familiar authors [link] and KleVeR for the help in editing text description to a picture.
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