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May 29, 2013
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Pater Familias by Crux9011 Pater Familias by Crux9011
It is known that children's animated films carry out 2 important functions: entertaining and educational. Educational function is expressed in the form of demonstration of correct images, healthy role models. Thus the animated film has huge impact on outlook of children. The most part of the American animated films for children's target audience almost don't bear any positive educational impact. The entertaining element in them is strong, but no more than that. Much of the American animation is harmful to viewing. In 2012 inspectors of Federal Service for the Oversight of Consumer Protection and Welfare of the Russian Federation subjected to check of 233 animated works which have arrived from the USA which were intended for children of preschool age. 171 from them were recognized harmful or limited to viewing. These are 72,3% from a total number. Figures speak for themselves. However a series of animated films MLP of the fourth generation became an exception of a situation.

This animated film comprises surprisingly qualitative educational element that allowed it to be a success not only of target audience, but also at adult men aged from 18 till 25 years (is and is more senior, but it is hard cases). Unfortunately, this cartoon (show) wasn't ideal.

It is known that target audience of this show are little girls aged from 5 till 8 years. For them in cartoon the kind world in which there live lovely harmless ponies whom mother princess and her sister operates is built. And in it a problem. MLP builds the world which completely contradicts logic of the world real before eyes of little girls.

The main contradiction is that female society, this world as a whole matriarchial at the heart is shown to girls in a feminist way. It, in turn, has an adverse impact on children's attitude. The real world in which there will live these girls, belongs to men, the real world is patriarchal. Having watched this animated film, these children will enter over time into adult life with incorrect behavioural installation.

It is possible to call the following contradiction almost total absence of a man's role model in MLP. And it is valid, we won't see more or less substantial positive man's character for all series. The only active man's character is Shining Armor who behaves as the speckled maid, constantly hiding for brittle female backs. He or isn't capable to carry out a male role in normal life, or isn't able for any reasons. Shining Armor - an example of the weak-willed gigolo, an example which is shown to little girls as a firm role model for the man. Worse than that. Strong man's characters are villains whom good girls kill or turn into a stone.

From the specified follows that MLP negatively influences education of little girls, shows them the wrong world, shows incorrect role models. And children absorb it, bear with themself all this garbage in further life. But that is paradoxical such impact the animated film has and on adult man's audience.

I investigated literary creativity of "adult" fans of the animated film.
There is some of them: [link] , [link] , [link] , [link] , [link] , [link] , [link] , [link] , [link] , [link] , [link] , [link] .

I come to a conclusion that many ego-tripped writers from fan audience underwent negative influence of series. Their creativity dazzles with an invantilizm, desire to dump from themself all man's responsibility on female shoulders, desire to be dominated. The main male heroes of their stories who are exposed to violence, humiliation loudly speak about it, they become victims of the female rapist`s, don't take serious part in events of stories. As uncle Freud writes, similar creative emissions speak about a subconscious homosexual impulse. So if you want to feel something firm and hot PER ANUM, why to write about it?

When I drew this picture, I tried to correct MLP world, to make it more healthy. In this picture the correct cast between genders is shown, the correct world is shown. Here the man's deity embraces the mortal woman keeping under heart his semi-divine posterity. They are in HIS house. At a background the symbol of HIS power, as performer of the main worlddriving functions is shown. Exactly that MLP world, with the man at the head has to be constructed, with the woman who is near him and cares of his posterity. Only such world can give to children the correct world outlook installation, and to adult fans will deliver a brain on a place and will specify them their role in life.

Taste this picture with this music: [link]
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OH shoot, I had wrote a big praise to your pic but due to a wrokg keystroke I lost it. Basicly I wanted to congratulate you on achieving this ability with your art. You truly know how to masterfully weave the colors in order to create something that challenges what is beautiful.

On an unrelated note, I really liked the art, but not so much the description. I took a little time to read not only the desecription itself but the comments too, and it reeks of fear of change. You say that "the European race dies out". You say that "children will enter over time into adult life with incorrect behavioural installation". Please note how I'm openly quoting your own words.

You see, there are some facts that I have no trouble accepting. We live on a Patriarchal world. The white population in USA did decrease in 4%. I'm not even going to double check all of that. What i don't agree is in the fact that you want it to remain that way. The world will keep challenging the ways we want it or not, and Stagnation is in no way healthy.

Civilizations will rise and fall. I Don't see the mighty Macedonian empire still ruling, or most of europe being ruled by the Bonaparte Kings. The great Roman Empire came and went, and only a bit of it is going to remain on Italy. With those changes came also changes in culture. With time, every nation and every city gains a new perspective on life, and they got to put different emphasis on their works. But nothing was lost. Roma was not lost in history. Alexander the great and his father Phillip II did reredo military strategies from scratch. The old Greece founded the base of democracy. Humanity, as a whole, had never died. We will transform and adapt. Even our genetics will change overtime due to the natural process of evolution, but we will remain.

Even the technology is acting as a lubricant to the change the humanity is facing. With steam engines, and factories the world changed as a whole. The press brought the era of the Mass communication. Even in the last 500 years of story (Just meager 500 years) soiety has transformed so much that every single country is unrecogizable. Not even China Managed to stay the same as 500 years ago. In most countries Slavery was abolished. New countries gained independence and became potent nations.

I'm not going to accuse you of sexist or chauvinist. I will though say that you are stagnant, that you are dead weight in the progress of man.  Let me say that there is a big BIG difference between teaching a kind how to integrate in society and teaching how to accept everything without dreaming of change. You say that in 100 years europe will have died out, but you don't realize that in much less time than that the world, as your father knew it, transformed. Right now I'm debating openly with someone from a different nation, while sitting on my bed, while at the same time praising a work of art that was put in display for millions of people to see.
Cdpaliden Dec 28, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Nice art, not so much with the description. What you wrote is a sexist, chauvinistic and ultimately archaic view upon the world - one that is readily becoming obsolete in the Western World, where women are more and more becoming equals with their male counterparts. What the show does teach is a set of universal values - honor, loyalty, empathy, compassion, generosity and integrity - values that can be and should be adopted by everyone. These ideals were readily supported (for example) by chivalric orders during the Middle Ages. Most of what you speak of is purely unsupported by any quantified sociological studies...

I will admit that the United States has its fair share of issues, but I think that our children's entertainment is pretty low on that list...
Crux9011 Jan 1, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Many of you didn't understand what I mean. I didn't claim that women somehow lesser then man. Its not so. Women and men are equal, but they remain women and men nevertheless.

Speaking about the mentioned point of view, I will tell that the views expressed by me aren't archaic.  The traditional point of view - a warranty of a survival of society in the modern world.

Look, the European race dies out.  Dies out not because of hunger, wars or humanitarian problems, dies because mentally decay:  open promotion of a lesbian, gomosexual, trans- styles of life, family denial, juvenile justice, consumerism.  Worst of all, under the influence of all this the European race refused to be multiplied.

Statistics shows that in 2013 the number of the white population in the USA decreased by 4%. Moreover, existence of the European race here is provided only because of influx of immigrants from Russia, Europe. In the Europe the same pattern is watched.

In 100+ years in Europe there will be no Europeans, and in America - Americans. Blacks, Arabs and Roma, Chinese who don't accept "the modern European values" will survive only, and will rule this World, while European race dissolve into history because of its foolishness.

Personally I refuse to die out.
Although I do not agree with what you said in the description, the picture itself is nicely drawn.
In your description, I've noticed something off.  The opinion on ours being a patriarchal society is historically accurate, but not in a contemporary sense.

It is known that this is changing.  In a hundred years, this could very well be a matriarchal society, or it could stick in the equaltized version twenty to fifty years down the line.

MLP:FIM helps that move along.

Also: Shining Armor is a pony I can relate to because he doesn't actually hide behind the females.  He supports them from a place where he won't get in their way, especially if he feels they are more suited to the job than he is.  The man's big and strong and a leader, and at the same time, he's only really good for shields.  If the people checking this were to watch the season three opener, you would have seen him charging into a suicide mission to buy the Elements time to get to the citadel.  And he came back relatively unscathed.  Magic locked, but otherwise uninjured, which says he's one hell of a fighter.

Also, did you forget Big McIntosh?  He's the big, burly man you expect to see anywhere.  Quiet, helpful, supportive, but still very, very male.  Gentle giant and big brother, and you can tell that the role is "correct" on that one.

Soarin's your average jock.  Not much to say there.

Blueblood, well he's the popular asshole.  Again, not much to say.

Fancypants, the kindly rich man.  There's a lot to say about that.

Even with these male characters, you can see that they're well fleshed out, despite their low screentime.  The strong, responsible female characters in MLP is meant to teach girls to be strong, responsible, and independent, because that's what society is finally starting to respect.  I don't count as a man, but I certainly wouldn't date a girl who wasn't any of those things.  She has to be smart, she has to have some semblance of independence, and she has to be able to not break down into a nervous wreck when I'm out on the road on a bicycle in the middle of Tourist Season.  Now this isn't to say that some men don't like those qualities, but I don't have any respect for a girl who's spoiled rotten and can't take care of herself.

This isn't to say I want to be dominated, it is to say that I, and many around me, want an equal, not a doll.

Now creating a society in a cartoon that has true equality is difficult at best.  MLP just exaggerated the equality into a matriarchy so that when the children are exposed to the real world, they learn that "Ieah, this isn't what I saw in MLP, but damn it, I'm in command of my own life, and there is nothing that can stop me!"

This is whether the child is male or female.  The matriarchy teaches young men to respect girls as equals, and it teaches young girls to respect themselves.

Want more?  I can provide a fair bit.
sorry, commented twice about the same thing sorry
the art is really nice, but what you said was just plain sexist. yes, the real world is sexist and yes, it's still largely patriarchal, but what you're suggesting is that we meekly comply and not even try to balance it. what i get from your rant is that males will ALWAYS be the leaders and women will always follow behind. no. that is NOT true and never has been. have you been living under a rock or do you not know about Feminism?. plus, you're forgetting/ignoring the fact that this is a show about friendship, NOT a battle of the sexes. any lessons children (and adults) get from this will be about friendship and how important it is to trust yourself and others, not how women dominate blahblah and how woman empowerment is wrong blahblah.

that's my two cents.
i know you're trying to sound reasonable, but this was just sexist. yes, the real world is sexist, yes, the real world is still largely patriarchal, but shouldn't people try to balance it? what you're saying here is to meekly accept that females are the followers and men are the leaders without question or protest. plus, you forgot that the show is about friendship and not gender domination. the lessons children will be getting from the show won't be about how females dominate, they will be about friendship and being kind to others and all that- NOT a battle of the sexes.
those are my two cents.
I hope im not creeping you out, and if I am please tell.... anyways, I think the same way, but with land thats occupied and completly different..... Im keeping them until the time has come then ill post them and youll see what I was dreaming about day and night.
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